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3-2-1: Calendly Alternative Built for Free in Notion

and discover Notion's new Head of Design

3-2-1: Notion!

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In this week’s issue of 3-2-1:

  • Quick Notion AI access

  • New formatting menu

  • Deleted page indicator

  • Rebuild Calendly in Notion

  • Notion’s new Head of Design

Hey — it's Rames

It's our last week in Tarifa — I can't believe it's already been three months! Time flies so quickly. It feels like 2024 started yesterday, but it's been 141 days.

I'm going to miss this place. The Parque Natural de los Alcornocales is incredibly vast and beautiful, and being surrounded by so many animals was a real pleasure. Andalusia is a real favorite 🔥

And before we begin... This week's sponsor...

Get organized with Notion Second Brain  

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3 Tips

1/ Quick Notion AI Access

You can now summon Notion AI super easily directly from your phone. It's a clear indicator that Notion is increasingly orienting its product towards AI.

2/ New formatting menu

Notion has just updated their design, changing the menu bar for formatting options. It looks much cleaner, sleeker, and lighter — I loove it!

3/ Deleted page indicator

Notion continues to enhance its user experience by letting you know when a linked page has been deleted. You'll find this little indicator that just makes life even more convenient.

2 Resources

1/ Rebuild Calendly in Notion

If you're an automation enthusiast or if you simply like to save money on tools, you're going to enjoy this video! Matthias Frank is a prolific Notion builder I've already mentioned multiple times in this newsletter. In this video, he explains step by step how you can recreate Calendly (or any other booking software), directly in Notion.

It's a fun build, fun to watch, and fun to replicate!

2/ Notion’s new Head of Design

1 Tweek: Tweet of the Week

Rames Quinerie


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