3-2-1: Linked Databases Rule the World

Linked databases from deleted databases, Multiple databases on the same block, Client portals are soon solved, Notion AI properties tutorial, Perspectives Method 3.0, Marie Poulin at Notion’s HQ

3-2-1: Notion!

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In this week’s issue of 3-2-1:

  • Linked databases from deleted databases

  • Multiple databases on the same block

  • Client portals are soon solved

  • Notion AI properties tutorial

  • Perspectives Method 3.0

  • Marie Poulin at Notion’s HQ

Hey — it's Rames

Last week, we welcomed my parents to Tarifa, marking their growing habit of visiting us in the various places we reside. Last year, they visited us on Reunion Island, where the highlight of the trip was a lengthy hike we undertook for my birthday.

This year, my favorite moment was also a hike we did together. There's something special about walking in nature with those you love. Perhaps it's the lack of distractions, which encourages more open conversation?

Also, this big guy gave us quite a few laughs 😂

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3 Tips

1/ Linked databases from deleted databases

Nice little UX update: your linked databases from deleted databases now show a message informing you that the main database has been deleted.

2/ Multiple databases on the same block

Speaking of databases, here's a quick Notion tip.

You can display multiple databases in the same block.

All you need to do is use linked databases.

And use one view per database.

This is one of my favorite Notion features!

3/ Client portal app

One of Notion's biggest issues is that you can't share filtered views of a database without sharing the entire database. This is problematic when you use client portals to manage your different clients' tasks and want to see all the tasks in your own master database.

One workaround has been to set up automations to duplicate items from one database (your master database) to another (the one in the client portal).

aNotioneer, whom I've already mentioned several times in this newsletter, is working on a new app to make that process easier: a one-click button to sync tasks between two databases. It looks super promising and helpful for anyone working with clients in Notion!

2 Resources

1/ Notion AI properties tutorial

Just a quick reminder that I have a comprehensive guide on Notion AI properties. It includes:

  • All properties (AI Summary, AI Key Info, AI Custom Autofill, & AI Translation)

  • Settings (Auto-update on page edits, Update all pages)

  • Examples & Use Cases

2/ Perspectives Method 3.0

If you've been reading this newsletter for quite some time now, you've probably seen me mention Josh Redd's Perspectives method quite a few times. It's a super useful Notion framework to organize your life into 'buckets' and create your own custom navigation bar for accessing pages more easily.

Well, Josh is back with Perspectives Method 3.0, a page-centric update to his approach. As always, it's a great watch, and super inspiring to see how great makers build their systems.

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