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In this week’s issue of 3-2-1:

  • Notion Money Tracker

  • Aesthetic Link Mentions

  • Notion Calendar OOO & Focus Time

  • Filter ‘Last edited by’ bots

  • Free 7-hour Notion Course

  • How to Manage Clients in Notion

  • Plan your holidays in Notion

Hey — it's Rames

Heading back to our homeland (France), we had planned to follow Spain's northeast coast, camp, and catch a few waves. But the weather was not with us, so we ended up spending the weekend in Bilbao.

We (of course) went to the Guggenheim — a great experience although we didn't like the expositions so much. Had a bouldering session in Sputnik’s lovely facility. And finally ended up in Casco Viejo having a couple of drinks along with 2€ pintxos. Quite the opposite of surfing but a really nice weekend in the city 🌆

And before we begin... This week's sponsor...

Organize your finances with Money Tracker

Ever felt lost when it comes to your finances? That was me, before I started managing it all in Notion. I built Money Tracker the same way I personally manage my finances — so it’s super easy to use.

Add your expenses, income, and categorize your transactions. That’s it! Notion does the rest for you: monthly/yearly reports, subscription tracking, a chart of where your money goes, etc.

PS: also includes Notion Crypto Tracker & Notion Investment Tracker 🤫

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3 Tips

1/ Aesthetic Link Mentions

You must have noticed it, unless you don't use Notion to paste links. There's a new option called 'Paste as mention' and it's pretty cool. Plus, it has this nifty hover-over preview feature, kind of like the ones on Notion pages, or like on Arc (the browser). I'm really tempted to try them all 😈

2/ Notion Calendar OOO & Focus Time

Focus Time and Out Of Office (OOO) are now event types in the Notion Calendar. These were features that Google Calendar had, but were missing in Notion Calendar. Happy planning!

3/ Filter ‘Last edited by’ bots

Guess what? Now you can filter by 'Last edited by' or 'Created by' including bots! Not sure when this was updated, but it's a nice surprise, isn't it?

2 Resources

1/ Free 7-hour Notion Course

There's a whole bunch of Notion courses out there, right? But, often they're a bit pricey or perhaps they just don't dive deep enough into the details.

Good news! Chris Notion has got your back. He's generously released a whopping 7-hour video course, completely free of charge. He really gets into the nitty-gritty of how to use Notion to its fullest potential.

Fancy jumping to a specific section? No worries, here are the timestamps for you:


00:01:08 — 1. Introduction & Interface

00:06:14 — 2. Sidebar & Settings

00:16:55 — 3. Page creation & menu

00:28:54 — 4. Basics Blocks & Text Formatting

00:49:02 — 5. Simple Table

00:57:18 — 6. Media & Links

01:03:44 — 7. Notion Templates


01:18:39 — 1. Advanced Blocks

01:30:03 — 2. Buttons

01:48:09 — 3. Mobile Use

02:10:18 — 4. Mermaid Language

02:26:07 — 5. AI Features & Buttons

02:41:18 — 6. Team Collaboration

02:52:51 — 7. Notion Calendar


03:07:49 — 1. Database & Aesthetics

03:33:13 — 2. Views & Properties

04:08:40 — 3. Filters, Sorts & Grouping

04:41:08 — 4. Template Buttons

05:07:47 — 5. Relations & Rollups

05:48:55 — 6. Formulas 2.0

06:54:50 — 7. Automation & API Integration

2/ How to Manage Clients in Notion

If you still have a bit of space for another video (this one is just 22 minutes, don't worry 😅) — I recommend this other great video from Josh that you've seen mentioned many times in this newsletter.

The video demonstrates a unique method for creating and managing client portals in Notion, using synced blocks and the Notion permission cascade. This allows for a two-way portal between external and internal management of a client, maintaining a single source of truth, without exposing other client data.


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