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In this week’s issue of 3-2-1:

  • AI Connectors

  • Dictate

  • Open search in new tab

  • Notion to Google Calendar Automation

  • Notion to Substack

  • Notion product launches this summer

Hey — it's Rames

I spent the entire week in Paris, seeing friends I haven’t seen in a while. I went to a bunch of parties, all very different (including the Fête de la Musique), and I had an awesooome time.

Since we're wandering around all year long, I don't see them as often as I'd like, so it was really important to me to spend quality time with each of them. Being intentional about that makes it much easier to actually spend quality time.

It was also quite exhausting, and I’m happy to return to the countryside for some rest. Call me an old man, I won't deny it 👴

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3 Tips

1/ Slack AI Connector

Notion's most significant feature release last week was what they refer to as AI connectors. Essentially, this allows you to link other apps, such as Slack, to their AI/Q&A. This enables you to search for information nested within these apps directly from Notion.

Today, Notion AI enables you to ask any questions about the content in your Notion workspace. With Notion AI connectors, when you ask a question, Notion AI will also surface relevant information from your connected apps, citing specific sources it referenced. Notion AI connectors are currently in beta and subject to the beta provisions in your agreement, if any.

To start, we’re integrating Notion AI with Slack, with Google Drive and other apps coming soon.

Here are three use cases they shared on Twitter:

Notion has released a very detailed guide to assist you in connecting to Slack and properly setting up the integration.

2/ Dictate

In Alpha this time, Notion introduced a "Dictate" feature to help you write faster and free your hands. It works on both mobile and desktop.

You can find the Dictate feature:

  • On any page, either by going to the page settings (in the ••• menu) or using the keyboard shortcut cmd/ctrl + O

  • When creating a new page, at the bottom of the page

It works quite well from what I've tested; however, it translated everything I said into English when I was speaking in French (perhaps because my Notion account is set to English).

3/ Search in New Tab

Small update, but one that make things much better: whenever you create a new tab on the desktop, it directly opens the search menu, making it easier and faster to find what you're looking for.

PS: Use the shortcut cmd/ctrl + T to open a new tab.

2 Resources

1/ Notion ↔ Google Calendar Automation

I already shared this in a previous newsletter, but for all the new joiners:

I built an automation to sync a Notion database with Google Calendar. It's a two-way sync, meaning if you edit your Calendar event, it edits the related item in Notion, and if you edit an item in Notion, it also edits the Calendar event.

So for those who still aren't convinced by Notion Calendar, it can be a great workaround. Unfortunately, for technical reasons beyond our scope, this automation doesn't support recurring events.

2/ Notion to Substack

Notion to Substack is a Chrome extension designed to streamline the process of transferring content from Notion to Substack.

What It Does

  • One-Click Import: The tool allows you to import your published Notion page into a Substack draft with a single click.

  • Preserves Images: Unlike the usual copy-paste method, which results in losing images, this tool ensures that all images from your Notion page are retained in the Substack draft.

Why It’s Useful

  • Saves Time: Normally, transferring a newsletter from Notion to Substack requires manually downloading and re-uploading images, a process that can take around 10 minutes. This tool eliminates that step, saving time.

  • Simplifies Workflow: By reducing the steps needed to move content from Notion to Substack, it simplifies the workflow for content creators.

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