Has Notion Mail Leaked? 🤯

plus a free Notion template for journaling

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In this week’s issue of 3-2-1:

  • Notion Mail Leaked

  • Slack’s “Send to Notion” Feature

  • Notion Calendar RSVP Note

  • Notion Calendar ‘How to’ Guide

  • Interstitial Journaling in Notion

Hey — it's Rames

I’m not very inspired with my intro today, so I’ll just leave you with this goofy picture I took in Pontevedra a few weeks ago 🦆

PS: I’m launching a new project called Lieux de Retraites

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3 Tips

1/ Notion Mail Leak

After Notion’s acquisition of Skiff, there were rumors of a potential Notion Mail app. Notion had already built Notion Calendar out of their Cron acquisition, so it made sense as it validated the idea of Notion becoming a ‘suite’ of tools.

Well, if you open Spotlight Search (on Mac) and type Notion, we have another clue leading us in that direction.

Was it intentional? Or has Notion Mail really leaked? That’s up to you to decide 👀

2/ Slack “Send to Notion” Feature

If you’re using Slack and still haven’t integrated Notion, let me remind you of how powerful these two tools combined can be:

Use Notion's integration for Slack to preserve knowledge created in Slack and stay updated on work progress in Notion. You can:

- Send a Slack message to a Notion database (e.g. create a task)
- Control which notifications get sent to a Slack channel or DM (e.g. a task is marked “completed”). You can also reply to Notion comments directly in Slack .
- Share Notion links that expand with useful information and AI summaries. You can also grant page access permissions directly in Slack
- Paste a Slack message link in Notion to see an up-to-date, live visualization of that message

3/ Notion Calendar RSVP Note

Small Notion Calendar update: you can now leave an RSVP note on your event.

2 Resources

1/ Notion Calendar ‘How To’ Guide

Speaking of Notion Calendar, I wrote a very detailed guide on how to use it and all of its features, such as:

  • How to add Notion databases

  • How to collaborate with others

  • How to attach Notion pages to events

& a bunch of useful tips.

2/ Kill your Distractions with Interstitial Journaling

Another great video from Josh Redd on a journaling technique that I’d never heard of before: Interstitial Journaling. Basically, it’s a way of pausing between tasks or meetings to jot down notes, thoughts, or reflections. This helps in clearing your mind, staying focused, and maintaining productivity throughout the day.

The system he built in Notion is quite easy to replicate, but Josh also provides a free Notion template.

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