Notion 3.0 is Near, And It’s Gonna ‘Pop’

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3-2-1: Notion!

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In this week’s issue of 3-2-1:

  • Get notified with database automations

  • New filter & sort icons

  • Unexpected logouts fix

  • Notion color campaign

  • Is Notion 3.0 around the corner?

  • Notion or Google Docs?

Hey — it's Rames

I've been interested in woodworking for a long time now, but since we move quite a lot, I haven't really had a chance to make stuff as I would like. However, I recently discovered a new hobby that's a great entry point into woodworking.

It's called whittling (or wood carving). All you need is a knife, some wood, and some time. It's the most basic activity you could imagine, but when done with a purpose (e.g., making a spoon), it takes on a whole new meaning.

I've already made two tiny spoons, and I'm now working on a pen tray (inspired by Ugmonk).

And before we begin... This week's deal...

Win a M3 Macbook Pro, Airpods Pro & More 

Senja is an awesome indie-built product, that I use everyday to collect testimonials. They’re doing a giveaway where you can win:

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3 Tips

1/ In-App Notifications

Welcome to the most appreciated Notion update from last week — custom notifications with database automations!

How does it work?

  1. Access your database

  2. Create a new database automation (in the database settings)

  3. Name it & select your trigger (e.g., new page added, or status changed)

  4. In the “Action” section, select “Send notification to”

  5. If you select “Specific people”, you can now choose which person(s) (including the “Page creator”) to notify and add a custom message

Pro tip: to learn everything about database automation, check out my tutorial on my website.

2/ New Filter & Sort Icons

You may have noticed it: the "Filter" & "Sort" text buttons have changed and are now simple icons. I (and many other Notion users) find it a bit confusing, and it may not be super helpful for newcomers to the app.

It seems the change has occurred to take up less space and help with responsiveness/different screen sizes.

3/ Unexpected Logouts Fix

One of the recurring joke about Notion has always been that they logged you out quite frequently (especially a few years ago). This should now be fixed with their new update!

As long as your account is active and safe, you'll stay logged in. Plus, we'll send you an instant email alert about logins from new devices.

2 Resources

1/ Notion Color Campaign

Notion has just revealed their new brand, and guess what's really new? Colors!

The internet was quite unanimous on this one: these primary colors are beautiful and make Notion 'pop' a little bit more.

And for everyone's pleasure, Notion has released a new set of colorful desktop and mobile wallpapers. Go grab them, they're lovely!

2/ Is Notion 3.0 Around the Corner?

1 Tweek: Tweet of the Week

Rames Quinerie


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