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In this week’s issue of 3-2-1:

  • Home Update: Notion Calendar Preview & Linked Databases

  • Pin tabs in desktop app

  • “More” in private pages

  • All Notion tips, updates & resources

  • Notion tasks with debug details

Hey — it's Rames

Just arrived in Bueu where we'll be staying for two weeks. It's a nice little town in Galicia in the western part of Spain. Haven't seen much yet, we just arrived yesterday after crossing Spain from South to North.

It was a cool 11-hour car trip over two days. We stopped in Plasencia for the night, a beautiful fortified city. It was hot — you can really feel the difference between Spain's center and coasts. The siesta is definitely something central people take more seriously, and I can appreciate why.

PS: Spain's highways are unbelievable! They're 100% free and almost empty — the best of all worlds 🚗

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3 Tips

1/ Home Update: Notion Calendar Preview & Linked Databases

Ok — hold on, because Home got a really nice revamp. Two new updates to share here:

1/ Notion Calendar made its way into Home. You can see your upcoming events, which is quite convenient, and you can also add new events using the + icon. If you click the ••• icon, you can also set your display preferences such as your different calendars, number of days, all-day events, events without participants & events without conferencing.

2/ Notion also added the option to preview some of your favorite databases that aren't Tasks. Simply add a new view, select your preferred database, and voilà! Full customization all the way 😎

Pro tip: You can use this same system to add multiple databases in one view on your normal pages.

PS: It seems they have also rolled out Home to all accounts — so if you were still waiting to gain access to it, check your sidebar for the Home page 😉

2/ Pin tabs

After enhancing your desktop experience by enabling tab reordering, you can now also pin tabs. Want easy access to an important page? Simply right-click (or ctrl + click) on your tab, then select Pin Tab.

3/ “More” in private pages

If you're the kind of person who has a TON of private pages in Private, you should like this update. You can now browse and filter all your pages with a search option. Simply click ••• More and add your search query.

What do you think about this UI change?

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2 Resources

1/ All Notion Tips & Resources

I've finally created a space on my website where you can browse all the past Notion tips, updates, and resources from this newsletter. I plan to add a search bar to make it easier, but in the meantime, you can use ctrl/cmd + f to search for specific items. Consider bookmarking this page if you want to retrieve specific things I mention here, or simply out of curiosity 😉

Let me know what you think!

2/ Notion tasks with debug details

I had never heard of Jam before today, but it popped up in my Notion bubble so I figured I would mention it here. Jam is a tool that auto-captures all the info engineers need to debug, including:

  • device + browser

  • console logs

  • network logs

  • repro steps

  • backend tracing

They just announced their integration with Notion, which makes it super easy to add all this information into a Notion task. Looks like a great tool to add to dev teams' toolstacks 🧰

1 Tweek: Tweet of the Week

Rames Quinerie


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