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In this week’s issue of 3-2-1:

  • Floating table of contents

  • Drag columns with alt

  • Search database templates

  • Thomas Frank β€œHome”

  • Notion ERD β€” Visualize your Databases

Hey β€” it's Rames

It's been one week in Bueu, and we're already loving it. The place is beautiful, the sea rivals the Caribbean, and this small Galician city is surrounded by dense forests β€” perfect for hiking lovers.

It's been strange to stay in an apartment β€” not my favorite β€” but it's quite nice to have direct foot access to the sea and city. Also, I've found many activities to satisfy my interests, such as urban climbing, parkour, and diving from the port.

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3 Tips

1/ Floating Table of Contents

You can't have missed it β€” Notion now has a floating table of contents enabled by default on all pages. You can still add an in-page table of contents (use the shortcut /toc), but this new model makes it more discreet and is always with you as you scroll down your page.

You can disable/enable it on any page by:

  1. Clicking the β€’β€’β€’ menu at the top-right of your page

  2. Switching the "Table of contents" toggle on/off

2/ Drag Columns with Alt

You now have the ability to minimize any column by holding the alt/option key while dragging it. This was not an option before, unless you converted your property into a checkbox and then returned it to its original state, which was a somewhat messy but fun process.

3/ Search Database Templates

Database templates now include a search input! If you previously had difficulty locating a specific database template, or if you had to resort to using cmd + F, you’ll love this new feature!

2 Resources

1/ Thomas Frank β€œHome”

Thomas Frank recently released a new video about everyone's favorite feature β€” Home. As always, he gives a clear explanation of how it works, how to set it up, and even provides real-life examples.

Go check it out!

2/ Notion ERD β€” Visualize your Databases

A bit more niche, but still highly relevant, Nick Janes (a fellow Certified Consultant) built a tool to create dbdiagrams from your Notion system.

Notion ERD crawls your Notion workspace, retrieves all your databases, and generates a code snippet for

This is incredibly convenient for anyone needing to create flowcharts of their system, demonstrating all properties and connections between databases.

Not ready yet, but you can join the waitlist here:

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